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SSP's Prescription Advocate Program.
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SSP's Prescription Advocate Program

The Senior Services Partnership Prescription Advocate Program is designed specifically for SSP's members. There are over 800 Prescription Assistance Programs, Co-Payment Assistance Programs and Private Funding Sources with over 4,000 medications including very exotic Cancer, MS, AID's, Diabetic drugs and more!

The first step is to Pre-Qualify for the SSP's Prescription Advocate Program.
You will need to fill out our easy registration form that collects some basic information about you, your medications and income. This will help us to pre-qualify you and your medications for our Prescription Advocate Program.

*Once the registration form has been submitted to us, our patient advocate will contact you within 24 - 48 hours to let you know if you have qualified! There is No charge to see if you pre-qualify!

After You Have Been Pre-qualified and You Want To Enroll In Our SSP's Prescription Advocate Program:
Your Patient Advocate will send you all application(s), supporting documentation (Pre-filled) with instructions for each Prescription Assistance Program, Co-Payment Assistance Program or Private Funding Source you need to enroll in to obtain your medications.

When you receive all applications, supporting documentation and instructions from your Patient Advocate, you will have to make an appointment with your physician to obtain new prescriptions for each of your medications and obtain your doctors signature on the applications (Exceptions may apply).

You will need to complete and return all medication(s) applications, new prescriptions, supporting documentation, Identification (Controlled Substances), Income Verification (IRS 4506T form) or previous years Tax Return to the Pharmaceutical Company, Prescription Assistance Program, Co-Payment Assistance Program or Private Funding Source.

Your Patient Advocate will assist you throughout the entire enrollment process including time sensitive re-application process and management of all your refills with reminders, etc.
Senior Services Partnership is a proprietary services organization created to make the process of obtaining key products and services easier.
For more information, please contact Christopher Carter at cpcarter@seniorspllc.com.
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